The Time Given to Me

I place more value on time than on money. Although most of my relationships have been long-lasting, some have not.  Some relationships  have been occasional and, thus, have felt tenuous. Other relationships have been tumultuous. In the past, when I spent time with the people in these somewhat complicated relationships, I’d wonder about the temporal nature… Continue reading The Time Given to Me


The Conversation I Missed

Yesterday I remembered an event that happened over a decade ago. One summer evening, my dad planned to meet up with my uncle at a nearby park along the river to do some early evening fishing. He asked me if I wanted to come along for the ride and so I did. I recall taking pictures of my dad… Continue reading The Conversation I Missed

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Perspective on Peace: The Summer of 2004

I’ve had a slow start to my reading year. As I mentioned before, the year 2015 was a year of no rereads for me and now that the ban on rereads has been lifted, I’m not sure how to dip my toes back into old reading waters. Strangely, I picked up Jane Eyre and Star… Continue reading Perspective on Peace: The Summer of 2004


Daily Painting…

I attempted to paint today. Actually, I forced myself to paint and threw out the result. (Be thankful that I’m not posting a picture of the painting on here…) Initially, I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to paint with acrylics or watercolours. When I first dabbled with painting in high school, I was interested… Continue reading Daily Painting…


Begin Again: The Return to an Old Love Made New

The real reason (or one of them, at least) that I have not picked or fine-tuned my New Year’s resolutions, yet, is because I feel pulled in many directions. Yes, I’m embracing the Renaissance Soul idea of exploring more than one interest; however, I know there’s only so many hours in a day. The idea… Continue reading Begin Again: The Return to an Old Love Made New

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Christmas Every Day & Hello, 2016!

  The holidays are over. Today, I packed up all of the Christmas ornaments and decorations. The outdoor lights and Nativity Scene were pulled down. The tree in the front window and the larger Christmas tree were taken apart and crammed into their boxes. (They never fit in neatly. I spend some time sitting on boxes… Continue reading Christmas Every Day & Hello, 2016!