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It Starts…

Perhaps, I’m inspired by the approaching New Year or maybe I’ve been procrastinating for too long, but I finally decided to paint on the blank canvas and post my first post on my first blog. It’s sad in many ways that I took so long to dig in. Yet, here I am. Moving on from the self-flagellating preamble…

Recently, I’ve acquired pen friends. Growing up I always had a couple who drifted in and out of my life and I write to a friend who only lives a half hour’s drive away (believe it or not). I’m grateful to have several “pen friends”. That means on any given day I could receive a letter and there are few things that are more exciting than receiving a real letter in the mail. Thankfully, most of my pen friends write long, newsy letters and , truthfully, there is little better than conversing with a true kindred spirit. And, since rekindling the zeal for writing letters, I have learned to be prompt in my replies. In fact, my friend in Switzerland and I converse back and forth roughly twice each month.

As 2016 is but a mere two days away, I think it’s only fitting to discuss the plan of the year. As of now, there is no plan, but there are gleams of a plan. This year was my year of no re-reads (with the exception of the Bible and couple of Bible Study books). The rationale behind a year of no re-reads was to avoid my attempts to glean the same experiences, feelings and truths from the same books. I’m not saying that I read the same three books repeatedly, but I was in the habit of falling back on the same books and authors as safety nets. Since stumbling over Goodreads just over five years ago while googling some little tidbit about Gilmore Girls, I had expanded my repertoire of books. Nevertheless, there was still that underlying temptation to rely too heavily on certain books and I began to wonder if that translated over to other areas of my life. Was I trying to recreate the same experiences in my life? Did I revisit places expecting to have the same feelings? The answer was yes. So, in a way, my year of no re-reads symbolized something even larger. I did manage to avoid my lovely, favourite books (and there’s a lot of them) and their calls to me were fainter than I would have expected. This year, I haven’t established a plan…yet. Will I re-read? Probably. However, there enough books on my “to read” shelf that I won’t spend all year on those old favourites. Like so many things, a balance is best.


Rock Point
One of my favourite places to hike.


Have I mentioned that I love clouds?  There’s a cloud for every mood.

2 thoughts on “It Starts…

  1. Books are such good friends. It is a shame to not avail yourself of new ones that will come along because you spend all your time on the old ones. You are right. A balance is best.


  2. That being said, I found a C. S. Lewis quotation, which you should appreciate, on a fellow blogger’s post today that actually supports re-reading. “The sure mark of an unliterary man is that he considers “I’ve read it already” to be a conclusive argument against reading a work” (from “An Experiment in Criticism”). Lewis explains that the literary man will re-read a work “ten, twenty or thirty times” in a lifetime; however, this is in reference to a great work.

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